Pet Portait Commissions (Digital Only)

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Pet Portait Commissions (Digital Only)

Whether you want a portrait of your own furry friends, or want to purchase such a thing for a friend or family member, I love trying to capture pets' unique personalities in digital portraits. Why digital? In this ongoing pandemic mess, I've had one of a kind artwork lost in the mail, be late as hell for time-sensitive events, or show up looking like it was used as a soccer ball. It's so painful for both me and the client! I hate it!!!

Here's my process for drawing your animal friends:

Step 1) Purchase a portrait here! I will also accept a half up front, half at the end deal if that is preferable to you. Reach out to me about that and we can discuss it!

Step 2) Email me ( any photos you'd like to use as references and any notes on what you're after. The more notes the better! Size/color/pose, all of that is helpful to know up front so that I can provide a sketch that matches what you're thinking!

Step 3) A day or two after you've sent me all your notes and pictures, I will send you a sketch to make sure we're on the same page, then I'll send you updates as I work on the portrait. Sometimes at this early stage, I include some color too. Other times, just a pencil sketch.

Step 4) After the sketch phase, I will be working on a portrait that is as finished as can be! If I have questions about the direction I'm going in, I'll email you the work in progress so you can give me some notes. Once I have those, I'll complete your edits and then send you a "final" image for approval.

Step 5) Once we agree it's finished, I'll send you a high-resolution image. If you realize that you need it in a different size, or even want a few sizes, let me know and I can resize for you. That part is easy.

Step 5.5) If you like the work I do, PLEASE refer me to others. It's how I get the bulk of my work -- friends of friends. :D

***** If you have any questions about this process, email me *before* you make a purchase!***