Which shipping option do I choose?

If you're in the U.S.: Note that there's two shipping options - default or no tracking. Please note that any item that isn't flat will require the $4 shipping per USPS's rules. If you buy one sticker though, for example, $4 is a lot! Choose the flat items option and I'll send your items via a stamped envelope with no tracking. If you'd like tracking, choose the $4 option. Confused about this? Simply email me and I'll tell you what's most affordable!!

Do you ship items outside of the U.S.?

Yes! However, for international orders that are anything other than paper, I will probably have to fill out a customs form. If you place an order and I see it's outside of the U.S., I will likely have to email you for more information. When in doubt, please email me (soberrabbitcomic at gmail.com) before placing an order and I’m happy to give you a shipping quote and (if possible) a shipping time estimate.

How often do you ship items?

In most cases, I'll ship within 1 week of your purchase. Keep in mind that I'm one person with mobility issues and no car, so I'm doing my best!!! You'll receive a confirmation from Big Cartel when you've purchased an item and then a second email when it is has shipped. 

Do items come with a tracking code?

For standard shipping, I ship First Class, which comes with a tracking code. For items that have the "paper" shipping profile, that means I'm sending them in an envelope with a stamp, which does not come with tracking. 

Can you do rush shipping?

Yes, for an added fee. If you know you want an item by a certain time -- i.e. it's a birthday or sober anniversary and you want it to arrive that day -- email me ASAP with your deadline
before placing your order and I'll give you a quote with a timing estimate!

Do you do gift wrapping?

Yes! Email me at soberrabbitcomic (@) gmail.com for more information.

Do you do commissions? What if I wanted to customize a product in this store?

Yes! Email me: [email protected]