Bunny Bottle: Colorful Rabbit Stickers

Bunny Bottle: Colorful Rabbit Stickers

Want a bunch of stickers but don't want to color them? Why, I've done it for you! This is a mix of colorful, hand cut, printed stickers based on the little doodles of Rabbit faces I draw next to my desk while I'm working.

These stickers are on a soft, matte sticker paper, so they aren't waterproof and they will be discolored by alcohol or liquid, which sometimes can make them look EVEN COOLER.

Where do these tiny, odd-sized stickers come from? I recycle the unused portions of mailing labels to make stickers so there is less waste from my store orders. What about the bottles?! In a two person household where both of us are disabled, we take A LOTTA pills. I wanted a way to recycle those, too.

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