How To Be Sober | Mini-Comic

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How To Be Sober | Mini-Comic

JULY, 2023 UPDATE: The new edition of this will be coming out soon! Stay tuned!

This silly, positive 10 page mini-comic is about the in's and out's of navigating sobriety when you're new. It's not a guide TO getting sober, just more of a things to expect when you're recovering kinda situation. Damn, that's a better title??

Anyway, it's small! 5 x 5"-ish (guessing here) multi-color card stock booklet, held together with cute brads. Each one is hand cut and bound by me, so no two comics are alike!

GIFT-GIVING: If you're ordering a gift for someone, please put their name (and any other pertinent info) in the comments so I can write a message and do a little doodle for them. Since I send these out myself, I always include an extra sticker or something!

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